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It Can Affect Your Whole Family

Peanut allergy can change everything you and your child do, from play dates to school activities to summer camps to trick-or-treating. For your kids, being the "kid with the peanut allergy" may be isolating. And it's easy to feel singled out and excluded from friends and activities.

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In a 2017 DBV Technologies sponsored survey: 67% of parents said having a child with peanut allergy makes being a parent even harder.

National survey sponsored by DBV Technologies in 2017 among 500 Parents, 300 Healthcare Professionals (Allergists, Pediatricians, and Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners), and 200 Educators (School Nurses and Teachers) to understand awareness, attitudes, and daily impacts related to living with peanut allergy in children ages 3-14.

Peanut Allergy Can Affect Every Part of Daily Life

In another survey, most parents reported that their child's food allergy significantly affects:

  • Going to restaurants

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  • Birthday parties

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  • Daycare or aftercare

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  • Activities wih relatives

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Survey conducted by the University of Maryland.

Dining Out With Food Allergies

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How do you choose a peanut-free restaurant? What questions should you ask the wait staff? How can you plan ahead before dining out?

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FAACT=Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team

Mom's Checklist For School

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Keeping your child safe at school can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Here's a helpful checklist that can help keep your child safe.

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KFA=Kids With Food Allergies

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"What do you do to help your child in school?"

Making sure school's a safe place for your child is a tough job. Watch Tia ask one Mom for her tips and advice.

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"Ants on a log is a fun peanut-free snack"

Tia shares one of her son's favorite peanut-free recipes. Join her in getting creative at snack time.

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What If My Child Has A Reaction?

For you as parents, it's a lot of worrying about a potential reaction, added planning efforts, and educating others. It's going to great lengths and doing all you can to make sure your child's world is a safer place—without being less fun or isolating. It's the constant "what ifs" that cause anxiety and uncertainty. All this can be tough on your kid and your family.

Remember, your allergist is your trusted partner in managing peanut allergy. Being open and honest about your daily challenges can help you and your allergist create an action plan that's right for you and your family.

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"Ready to play a
Peanut Allergy game?"

Help your child spot the difference! Tia plays a fun game to help her son choose safe snacks over not-so safe ones.

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Avoidance of Peanuts is Hard

Accidental exposure to trace amounts of peanut protein can happen anytime, anywhere.

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