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Every child with a peanut allergy is at risk for a severe attack

A Constant Source of Uncertainty and Anxiety

As a parent, you’re always worrying about accidental exposure and a possible reaction, especially one that is severe. That’s because past reactions can’t always accurately predict the severity of future reactions. All of which makes managing peanut allergy so stressful and overwhelming.

Every child with a peanut allergy is at risk for a severe attack

Multiple Factors Affect Reaction Severity, Making It Unpredictable

There are many different factors that contribute to an allergic reaction, making it impossible to predict how severe each reaction may be.

Some of the factors that make peanut allergy unpredictable include:

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    Exercise—it’s thought that when an allergy-triggering food is consumed before exercise, a reaction can kick in shortly after exercising. That’s because exercise can affect your digestive system, possibly triggering a reaction

  • Age icon

    Age—food allergies, like peanut allergy, are most common in children. The risk of a severe reaction is also high among infants and teenagers

  • Illness icon

    Illness—illnesses can weaken the immune system and make a person with peanut allergy even more susceptible to a potential severe reaction

  • Asthma icon

    Asthma—people with peanut allergy who also suffer from asthma are at an increased risk for a severe reaction. That’s because the underlying asthma makes them even more vulnerable to the breathing difficulties that come with anaphylaxis


If you have questions about the many factors that make peanut allergy unpredictable, please make sure to ask your allergist.

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